About Us

About Us

Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful, a major decision couple makes.
This decision also brings a lot of hope, anticipation and excitement . Parenthood is the pleasure every couple wants to enjoy, but undergoing infertility treatment is one of the most challenging period in a couple’s life. So we introduce you to 9months, a platform that promises to wipe away this dejection by fulfilling your dream of having your own child.
We have assembled the most talented minds, the best technology, the widest range of treatment options and a homely environment with a personal touch. At 9months fertility center, we make every effort to provide the highest quality care in a personalized and supportive manner. With the aim to provide the best possible outcome for every couple who seeks our help. We are committed to provide the best service and care at every step of your journey. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of having a baby.

One stop solution :

Having a child is possible for everyone, but providing the right treatment at right places at right time for right number of efforts is important . 9months is the right place because we offer customized and individualized treatment for a high success rate. We have the most experienced in-house team of specially trained and experienced Embryologists for performing IVF Embryology procedures for ensuring consistency of performance & provide the best quality health care that meets the needs & always try to fulfill the expectation of the couple by catering to all their fertility needs under one roof.

Our equipment and technology :

We offer state-of-the-art technology providing medical excellence with human touch within the reach of every individual. Amidst the truly healing environment ,Our Egg retrieval and IVF lab, being the heart of our center, is designed to offer world-class hi-tech fertility care and the best success rates possible in the field of assisted reproduction.
Quality of air is important for the success of infertility treatment. At 9months, Our IVF lab is also equipped with specially designed air handling units to strictly control the air quality, temperature, pH, Osmolality and light which can affect the embryos and Oocytes. We improve the quality of air with reduced lights and no windows in the lab to improve the quality of the embryos. In Andhra Pradesh, We are one among the very few to have this technology in IVF laboratory.
Quality Check system:

At 9months, a quality check is our foremost priority and we take at most care at every step to ensure a safe environment for the growth of the embryos. We take due consideration and have strict quality check, by monitoring the lab on regular basis. so, that there is no possibility of any kind of interruption during the process.

Our Expert Team

Team work makes the dream work.We have a well coordinated professional and expert team which adds to our success. Our doctors are experts with post doctor all fellowships and extensive training in the field of reproductive medicine, Also working in association with our fertility expert.we have a psychological expert graduate in psychology ,who offers the best psychological counseling and support, that helps you understand infertility better. A counselling session provides you with a platform to have all your queries solved before taking the final step.We don’t believe in Batch IVF’s where the lab is taken care by the embryologist only for 5 days. A well-maintained lab, 24x 7 offers the best results Our full-time lab expert (embryologist ) working on the gametes (eggs and sperms), is a graduate in science ( Biotechnology ) with a better understanding of the techniques and helps us provide the best results and success to our would-be parents.

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